Prismax Shampoos and Conditioners

Prismax Shampoos and Conditioners

Our Line of Sulfate-Free Shampoos and Conditioners with Lipotein-Q™

Give your hair the proper maintenance it needs to prolong the benefits of the Prismax Nutritivo Hair Botox treatment.
  • Contains a unique blend of proteins to help repair damaged hair
  • Gently cleans hair without stripping away its natural oils
  • Replenishes hair with essential moisturizers

Top Rated

Our line of shampoos and conditioners are infused with a powerful anti-aging complex, Lipotein-Q. Lipotein-Q is a selection of active ingredients with Keratin that bonds to the hair strands, providing an anti-aging effect that creates beautifully healthier hair. Its technology penetrates the hair cortex with Keratin to restore the loss of lipids, providing conditioning, smoothness, and enhancement. Environmental factors such as sun exposure and excess humidity ages hair faster, causing damage to the cortex and cuticle, photodegradation of amino acids, a breakdown of sulfur bridges and lipids, and decreases in melanin. These natural environmental factors make hair more prone to frizzing and give hair a rough physical appearance. Lipotein-Q is an excellent ally to help prevent hair-aging.

Clarifying Shampoo: 4 fl oz/ 120 ml
Control Shampoo: 10 fl oz/ 300 ml
Control Conditioner: 10 fl oz/ 300 ml

👋 Say goodbye to frizz with Prismax Shampoos and Conditioners

Give your hair a boost with Prismax's shampoos and conditioners. Sulfate-free and infused
with an anti-aging protein complex: Lipotein-Q™, our products will give you healthy, glowing hair in no time. Shop now!

Prismax Pre-Wash Clarifying Shampoo
Prismax Post-Treatment Control Shampoo
Prismax Post-Treatment Control Conditioner

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